The Federation of Young European Greens unites a lot of young motivated people who are actively striving for a world based on social and economic solidarity, inclusion, equality and a sustainable way of living. These young people should be encouraged to be politically proactive, and run for the European Parliamentary elections so that they can contribute with their expertise, knowledge and drive, to work for a better Europe.


Alberto Villa

Spain - LGBTQ, Youth employment, Green Economy, migration

I am Alberto Villa, 29 years old from Granada/Madrid, Spain. I am an economist and a lawyer. I want to build a more democratic...


Amelia Womack

United Kingdom - End Ecocide, Green Economy, Youth representation and engagement

I am Amelia, I am 29 and I am from the United Kingdom. I want to fight for a Europe built on facts and...


Bogumil Kolmasiak

Poland - Youth Unemployment, Energy, social justice, democracy, Human Rights, digital rights

I am Bogumil, I am 26 and I live in Warsaw. I believe in a united, green and sustainable Europe.


Clarisse Heusquin

France - Employment and social affairs, mobility and transport

I am Clarisse, I am 25 years old and I come from Auvergne, France. Two aims: make Europe more concrete for people and work...


Delfina Rossi

Catalonia - social justice, economics, gender and migration

I am Delfina, I am 25, I was born in Argentina but I moved to Europe when I was 14. For many years I...


Eline Deblaere

Belgium - social & migration issues

Hi there! I’m Eline, 26 years old and living in Brussels. I strive for a more people-based Europe that preserves our nature, unites people...


Gina Árvai

Luxembourg - Social Europe, Europe of the People, Women's rights, Migration& Equal rights

My name is Gina, and I am a child of Europe: My parents fled communist Hungary and now I am a women, and equal...


Guillermo Rodriguez

Spain - citizens' participation, sustainability, renewable energy

I am from Madrid, 25 years old, and an aerospace engineer.


Inés López-Dóriga

Spain - Green jobs, renewable energy, social solidarity

I am a 24 years old economist currently working at the Spanish energy research center.


Ivelina Tsvetkova

Bulgaria - equal rights, migration, foreign policy

I am Ivelina Tsvetkova,27 years old living in Sofia. I want to fight for equal rights for the immigrants. I will work for Common...


Jakob C. Schwarz

Austria - Climate Change & Ecology, Sustainable Economy, Democracy

I am Jakob Schwarz, I am 29 years old and I come from Graz, Austria. I’m worried about the future of our planet and...


Jeroni Vergeer

Netherlands - Equal rights, future of Europe, youth issues, diversity and global justice

My name is Jeroni Vergeer, I am 26 years old and I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In my ideal Europe, all people...


Joan Groizard

Spain - Youth Empowerment, Energy & Climate change, Green New Deal and green jobs

I’m a 24-year old renewable energy engineer from Mallorca, Spain. I think it’s time that we take Europe back for the citizens and from...


Linnéa Engström

Sweden - climate justice, gender equality, lgbtq, youth employment, Roma rights

My name is Linnéa Engström, 32 yrs old from Stockholm, Sweden. Political scientist with a special interest for Russia and Eastern Europe. I get...


Maria Ohisalo

Finland - Social Europe, Youth Unemployment, Green New Deal

I am Maria, I am 29 and live in Helsinki, Finland. I am a spokesperson for Green Youth and Students and a researcher and...


Marina Dragomiretzkaya

Bulgaria - youth employment, social issues, sustainability

I am Marina Dragomiretzkaya, 27 years from Sofia. I fight for more green and quality jobs for the young people. I want a better...


Ozan Yanar

Finland - social equality, ecological sustainability, human rights

I’ am Ozan from Finland. I believe in a Europe of social equality and ecological sustainability.


Petter Forkstam

Sweden - social & migration issues, equal rights and youth empowerment

I am Petter Forkstam, I am 30 years old and I come from Lund, Sweden. I will never tolerate intolerance within Europe. I want...


Ross Brown

Northern Ireland - Energy policy, Economics, Social Policy, Transparency

I’m Ross. I’m 28 years old from Belfast N. Ireland. I want policies to promote the transformation towards a new sustainable resource and energy...


Saara Ilvessalo

Finland - Climate Change & Environment, Direct democracy, Youth employment

I want Europe to fight for climate justice, clean environment, real democracy and youth employment. I’m a 24-year-old Bachelor of Laws, student and city...


Sara Vidimova

Czech Republic - racism, discrimination, youth unemployment, migrants

I’m Sára Vidímová, I was born in Prague and I am 23 years old. I want to create an EU-wide solidarity and I want...


Silvia Vladimirova

Bulgaria - no to GMOs, no to fracking, more renewable energy

I am Silvia Vladimirova, 30 years old living in Sofia. I want to fight for GMO free Europe, Europe that ensures better food standards


Terry Reintke

Germany - Social issues, LGBTQ, Gender

I am Terry Reintke, 26 years old and I come from Gelsenkirchen. I want to fight for a social Europe which is free of...


Touko Aalto

Finland - Green New Deal, Green Economy

I am Touko, I am 30 years old, Vice-Chairman of the Greens of Finland and a Member of Jyväskylä City Council. I am a...