Green Tour with Terry and Micha!

The German Green Party has send Terry and Micha on Tour around Europe, in order to show to the audience in Germany the diversity of Europe but also the unity of the different Green Parties, when it comes to fighting against the extreme right and fighting against TTIP. They have a long and short journey. In 3 days they travel from Warsaw via Prague, Vienna, Venetia, Milano and Paris to Barcelona on the train. At every place, they meet members of the Green Party and the Young Greens and speak with them about their campaign.

The EU wants to unite the European continent and abolish borders, we show the advantage of not having boarders, but also engage in action with our local young greens against the extreme right. The Europe we mean is meant for everybody.

Follow our tour on twitter by following @TerryReintke and @Michabl. You can also check out our website: for updates in German. We will give reports also on this campaign homepage.

Many kisses from Europe!

Michael and Terry