Greens at European Tour in Nancy, France

During the first weekend of May in Nancy, France many young Green activists from European countries came to France to participate in the tour from Strasbourg to Nancy organized by France the French Young Greens (Les Jeunes Ecologistes). The programme was full of workshops and included a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, meeting the candidates to European Parliament, two street actions, Disco Soup (cooking vegetarian meals from wasted fruits and vegetables) and an interactive conference.

The first action, called VELORUTION, gathered dozens of activists on bikes, who set a good example and rode around the city-center of Nancy.  In the second action activists played short scenes on employment, energy, or agriculture played short scenes on employment, energy, or agriculture.

In parallel to those events, the FYEG Campaign Team meeting took place. It focused on the strategy for the very hot phase of the campaign and on ways of managing the Online Campaign.

Aleksandra Koleczek