21 - 27 April 2014 | Migration & Free Movement

No-one is illegal


Migration is natural to human beings. However many people have to migrate, because they have to leave their homes. War, Climate Change, Poverty, Persecution and many other horrible reasons often cause migration to European borders. Migration is not a crime, but freedom of movement is a human right. Therefore we want to stop all deportation and dissolve detention centers. We need a fair asylum system in Europe. Asylum seekers should be free and able to choose the country in which they want to apply for asylum; therefore the current Dublin II regulations are not suitable for Europe. With the Syrian war, there are millions of refugees at the European and EU borders. We need to give shelter to them, and give them the possibility to integrate in our countries. Once people have migrated to European societies, they experience a lot of pressure. We stand for inclusion instead of assimilation. Migrants and migration is good for an open and changing society.

  • Name: Quote the City
  • Number of people: One person/ small Group
  • Material: Spray Chalk (if spray chalk isn’t legal in your country use normal one); Templates (or good spraying skills)
  • How/What: Spray Chalk stays until the next rain ­ you can spray Quotes from Refugees; Quotes from administrative application forms or just sentences like “No one is illegal” e.g. on the floor of Bus stops; walls; in front of banks; Supermarkets; where a lot of people cross.

  • Name: No one is illegal
  • Number of people: small group
  • Material: Big piece of cloth, Paints, Flyers
  • How/What: Lay the cloth on the ground in a public street and write in big letters “NO ONE IS ILLEGAL” on it. Then invite people to colour their hands and put a handprint on the cloth as a sign of solidarity and the value of diversity. Finally you have a colourful banner, which you can use for pictures or future demonstrations. Distribute flyers with more information on what “illegal immigrants” have to face in Europe/your country.

  • Name: Break Fortress Europe
  • Number of people: Large group of people
  • Material: fence (cardboard, or a big banner and wooden sticks, tape, scissors), megaphone, flyers, water guns, posters 
  • How/What: You need something to represent Fortress Europe ­ a fence or something that looks like a wall. Some people should dress up like FRONTEX or police members, others as migrants. The migrants will try to break through the fence, but FRONTEX will shoot them with water guns and not let them in. More and more “migrants” will gather, and finally will break the fortress ­ it should be accompanied by a speech. Maybe involve passers­by in this action, ask them to help you break the fortress.

This action could be combined it with the “no one is illegal” idea of collection people’s handprints on some banner ­ This time with the heading: “Break Fortress Europe” or “Smash Smart Borders” or something alike. You could also give them a flyer that explains the problem and let them pass.