#RECeurope -Documenting Young European greens all over Europe

Two activists, two interrail pass, one camera. The idea was simple: to report and record all of the Member Organisations’ actions and claims through the campaign and to give a voice to some of the activists fighting on the ground for Green values and a better Europe for all. From the 10th to the 25th of May 2014, Gio from Georgia and Marie from France, have been travelling from train to train and country to country to meet the Federation of Young European Greens’s Member Organisations on stage, in the streets of Köln, Vlissingen, Rheine, Paris, Brussels, Hannover, Liège, Prague, Vienne, Budapest and Madrid. In each place, they recorded a short video aiming at informing about the campaign, empowering the activists through giving them a voice, and showing the ‘Green movement’ happening with no borders.

From the Eurovision party in Köln to the elections results in Madrid, through the EC presidential candidates debate in Brussels, the cleansing of the beach of Vlissingen, and the campaigning of the young Czech Greens in Prague, they went at the encounter of the grassroots activists, young candidates and Green parties volunteers, illustrating not only the great diversity of contexts and challenges for green youth in Europe but also the unity of the demands all these young activists, from Paris to Budapest, have for the European Union and their future.

To watch the videos, you can check FYEG Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/FYEG/videos . You can also check out what they did and saw in following @FYEG on twitter, the Federation of Young European Greens on facebook https://www.facebook.com/federationofyoungeuropeangreens (rubrique #RECeurope) and their blog http://wereceurope.tumblr.com/