28 April - 4 May 2014 | Social Europe

Reclaim your future


Austerity has brought to unemployment, destruction of welfare state, reduction of public expenditure, and privatized public services. We want to end the austerity measures that have driven Europe into this deep crisis. Social objectives need to be included in the European treaties. Redistribution mechanisms stabilizing the economic imbalances in Europe need to be put in place. In the long run we need common social standards to stop the competition for the lowest social standards. We want an European-wide unconditional basic income as a tool for more fiscal and economic independence. Youth emancipation and youth unemployment are the key issue we want to stress on, and make as a priority for the European Union. Young people should be guaranteed quality education and jobs, as well as future perspectives. Right to housing must be ensured for everybody.

  • Name: “For my future I demand…”
  • Number of people: One Person
  • Materials: posters/sheet of papers, markers, a camera for
  • How/What: Photo action for Twitter/facebook: The person pictures can take a picture with a message representing one demand for a better social Europe. For example: “ For My Future I Demand. …a sustainable economy that protects the people and respects our planet!” or “… basic income for all!” or “…protection of essential public services ” Activist groups could go out during their election campaign, and ask people in the street to take part in the action, provide them with paper and pens, and take the picture for them (maybe in front of a banner if possible). If people agree, we could add them to the Tweet with @(their name). This could draw their/their followers’ attention to our Twitter account, and maybe even lead to more followers for us.

  • Name: Unconditional Basic Income for ALL
  • Number of people: small group
  • Material: white board/ cardboard, markers, flyers
  • How/What: What would you do if you had an unconditional basic income? Place a white board in the middle of the street, and ask people to write down their answers. “If you had 500 EUR per months granted, would you still do this job?” Give people also flyers about the idea of basic income, and explain them more about it.

  • Name: No TTIP!
  • Number of people: Large group
  • Material: 2 (camping) tables, stuff to put on the tables
  • How/What: Place two tables on the streets, on one of flyers on TTIP, information on GMO products, banners, paints them, put a basket with some local food and some different signs, held up by people saying “local organic food”, “labour standards”, “consumer’s protection”, Have a sign “Europe without TTIP”. On the other table there are pictures of GMO food, and writings like “free banks”, “chlorified chicken”, “infrastructure privatization” etc. Have the sign “Europe TTIP”. Ask pedestrians, which one they like more, and give them some flyers/info material. You can tell them also about the position of the Greens on TTIP.