14 - 20 April 2014 | Gender & LGBTQ+

Seven days of noise for love


Rather than staying silent as a form of commemoration and/or protest, the noise, in contrast, is as much more effective. In our context this would mean: every day is another opportunity to make noise for another gender and LGBTQ+ related issue. This can also be combined with terms of visibility/invisibility.

During this week we want to emphasize on the need to smash patriarchy, and end the discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. There should be a clear legislation against hate crimes throughout Europe, and effective protection measures for those at risk. Same-sex marriages are not a crime. We stand for marriage equality throughout the European Union. Reproductive rights must be guaranteed for all people in Europe such as access to means of contraception and safe and free abortion.

We want combat the under-representation of women in politics and the economy to ensure that a certain proportion of seats are occupied by women in parliament, corporate management boards, government and other levels of political and social life. We want effective measures to ensure not only legal, but effective equality.

  • Name: Photo series “Dress the Statues” (inspired by: IDAHOT)
  • Number of people: One person
  • Material: Camera, Signs/poster, paints, other stuff to cover the statues
  • How/What: Cover public statues in your local area with posters/banners like “SMASH PATRIARCHY – FYEG”, “FIGHT SEXISM!”, and spread them via the internet! Maybe you can combine it with the Manifesto demands. E.g. if predominantly men are represented as important scholars at your university in order to emphasize gender discrimination, etc. There are many things in your everyday life.
  • Name: “Same Sex Hand Holding Day”
  • Number of people: Small group of people
  • Material: Camera, Signs/banners, paints, eventually morph suits
  • How/ What: A group of people meets, holding the hands of people of the same sex, holding up signs claiming equal marriage, equal adoption rights, maybe shouting something out like “Every love is equal!” or “Love knows no gender!”
    You could also take pictures or videos of the action and put them online or send them to us, so FYEG can compile and publish them as well. People could also do this action in morph suits to kind of “hide” gender.
  • Name: A flash mob “FYEG Sings Against Hate”
  • Number of people: Large group of people
  • Material: a camera, rainbow umbrellas, speakers/ mp3 player, a banner, paints, sheet of paper with the lyrics
  • How/What: Collect a group of people (your member organizations, FYEG – staff, young MEP candidates, people at seminars, Ska Keller etc.), and film them singing the solidarity “worldwide chorus”. A sing-in is a perfect way for addressing issues. You can paint additionally banners stating the FYEG demands. Take a look HERE how this action was already performed.