12-18 May 2014 | Energy, climate change and agriculture

Change the policies, not the climate !


Climate change has already caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, and millions of people have been become displaced, predominantly in developing countries. The EU must play a leading role in solving the climate crisis. Despite increased emissions, rising global temperatures and increases in extreme weather, European leaders seem reluctant to act decisively to prevent runaway climate change. We need to generate our energy within the European Union in an ecological, social and local manner. Energy transition from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy is necessary. Nuclear power and fracking must be abandoned. By investing in renewable energy and developing a European energy network, green jobs should be created. The European common agricultural policy should be reformed to be more sustainable. We need to guarantee the highest possible transparency in the food industry and strengthen consumer’s rights. GMOs in agriculture, including labeling products from animal fed with GMO, must be banned.

  • Name: “Change the politicians not the climate”
  • Number of people: One person
  • Material: Camera, Info material on climate change and green
  • How/What: Go out on the street with a camera and information energy papers. Ask the people, what measures their government should take in order to fight against the climate change, and to promote green energies and green jobs. Write down the demands and take pictures with these people.

  • Name: Climate Change and Global Justice Quiz
  • Number of people: Small group
  • Material: Flyers with a quiz printed on them, banner, paints
  • How/What: Ask passers-by to take part in a short quiz, which is written on a flyer (see example QUIZZ). You can also have some banners with good slogans. The quiz answers’ score will show how climate friendly people’s lifestyle is. Passengers will be given also flyers explaining, about our lifestyle and the amount of carbon we cause with it, how it affects the life of people in other countries (failing harvests, climate catastrophes) etc. It will also give an information what the Greens want to do to prevent it, and how we want to make Europe more social to the rest of the world. The flayers could also contain tips that everyone can follow in order to improve in their personal lives, and to prevent global warming.
  • Name: Let’s live bio-diversity – Vote Green! (GMO- Food /GMO-Crops)
  • Number of people: Large group of people
  • Material: banners, face paints, paints, megaphone, flayers,
  • How/What: In February 2014 the European Council of ministers authorized the introduction of GMO-Maize 1507 in Europe. The aim of the action is to show the consequences of the future implementation of this decision, as well as to criticize the governments that voted upon it. You can draw 2 banners - one with green GMO maize, and another with organic maize. Some of the participants in the action can paint their faces – one group can do it in Green (the ones eating GMO food), and the other group could paint their faces with flowers or more colours (as a symbol of the organic food). A couple of people could be dressed as farmers. The farmers simulate a work, and the people with the painted faces will walk around them happily. The moderator with a megaphone will explain about the decision about the introduction of GMO-Maize 1507 in Europe. Then the people with the Green painted faces will come, and the ones with colourful painted faces will die (falling on the ground). The moderator will say a couple of words about the thread of producing and eating GMO Food. Participants will also give away flayers with information about it.