5-11 May 2014 | Democratic Europe

Towards a more democratic Europe


The ability of European institutions and the decision-making architecture to be democratic and participatory, will determine on the future of the European project. If there are no substantial changes in the set-up of the European democratic system, it will not be possible to overcome the democratic deficit. We are advocating for a more democratic Europe. We want open, transparent, and participatory decision-making processes, which empower citizens to participate in debates and decisions in politics, companies, education system. We want to create of a better vision for Europe. A new Convention on the Future of Europe discussed, and democratically decided by the European citizens on what kind of future we want. This Convention should include a reform of the EU institutions based on democratic participation, transparency, and accountability. In addition the European citizens’ initiative should be strengthened, and ensure citizens’ voice is heard. We want to democratize the internet. We stand for a secure, free and open internet, through which citizens can have free access to information, education and participation, and where free speech and media are respected.

  • Name: Vote and Change Europe
  • Number of people: 1 person
  • Material: poster, markers
  • How/What: Statements why we should vote, and what we want to change towards one more democratic Europe: (take pictures of that and post them on facebook). For example “I VOTE, because young people have to be heard”; I VOTE, because citizens’ voice matters”, “VOTE 16”, “I VOTE for secure, free and open web” etc.

  • Name: DataLove
  • Number of people: small group of people
  • Material: big piece of paper for marriage contract, clothes
  • How/What: This action is meant to highlight the need of for marriage, paper, markers data protection. It could be arranged as a wedding of a citizen together with state, with companies as witnesses. The person marrying the couple should read out loud a contract that will be signed between them with clear rules on privacy and mutual respect. At the end the couple signs the contract, kisses and celebrates the DataLove. This title should appear on some big banner there.

  • Name: No more decisions behind closed doors
  • Number of people: large group of people
  • Material: poster, markers, megaphone, banner, paints, (masks with the faces of some Commissioners and Barroso), baby mash or money, chairs, flayers
  • How/What: Flash mob on open, transparent, and participatory decision-making processes for citizens. Dressed up people (the Commission), are sitting on chairs. They are getting fed by 2 other people (maybe with baby mash), who are from lobby organisations. Lobbyists could give them also money instead of baby mash. Two people will hold a cardboard painted as a door. More people come with posters with slogans: “No decision-making behind closed doors”; “Politics are Everyone’s interests!”, “We got the access to politics!”, “Vote for the Greens”, “New Convention on the Future of Europe”. These people will also shake in their hands keys as a symbol of opening the “closed doors”. Give flyers to the passers-by.